Parking fines

A parking fine is determined from the breaking of the bans and restrictions on stopping and parking a vehicle as well as the usage of a parking disc.

It may also be determined from the breaking of the bans on the unnecessary running of a stationary motor vehicle.

The parking fine is determined by the Police, the municipality's Parking Regulation Officer or the traffic wardens operating under his jurisdiction.
Payment of parking fines

The amount of a parking fine in Naantali is 40 euros.

The driver of the vehicle will be served with a demand for payment to be carried out within a month of the date of issue. If the driver is not present, the demand for payment may be affixed to the vehicle in a clearly visible place.

If payment is not effected in the specified time, the fine increases by 14 euros. The Parking Regulation Officer will then issue a written request for payment (payment order) to the owner or user of the vehicle, to carry out the increased payment within a month with the threat that otherwise the payment will be reclaimed through a debt recovery procedure.

Complaint against a parking fine

In case the driver, owner or user of a vehicle deems the demand for payment, payment order or the increased payment on it to be without grounds, then he has the right to register a complaint against it, during the payment period, with the Parking Regulation Officer.

The person registering the complaint must include his/her name, address and the case number of the fine. The case number is in the upper right-hand corner of the demand for payment.

Registration of a complaint does not extend the payment period. If the protest is upheld, the sum of the paid fine will be reimbursed to the payer.

As the result of a complaint an amendment to the decision can be sought by means of a complaint to the Administrative Court within 30 days of the decision having been issued. In addition to the letter of complaint, as is prescribed elsewhere, proof is to be attached of the payment demanded having been carried out within the specified time, otherwise the complaint will not be investigated.


Further information about parking regulation:

Traffic wardens (summer season):

Tel.  +358 2 434 5352

Mobile: +358 44 733 4500

Mobile: +358 44 733 4612

Parking Regulation Officer for the Town of Naantali:

Municipal Lawyer

Turo Järvinen

Tel. +358 2 434 5200

Mobile: +358 44 733 4552


Town of Naantali
P.B. 43


Street address: Käsityöläiskatu 2
Tel: +358 2 434 5111

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