Beaches and swimming pools

Enjoy swimming either in the sea or in the pool all year round.

There are no lifeguards on the beaches. Clothes and other personal items are their owner’s responsibility. Beaches and changing facilities are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis during the summer season, and water quality is monitored regularly.


  • a beach suitable for swimming, located right next to the church
  • shower, changing rooms & kiosk (kiosk open from June 1 to August 15 between 10 am and 8 pm)
  • possibility for swimming during the winter too


  • next to Naantali Spa Hotel
  • beach volleyball court, reservations book


  • next to Moominworld on the island of Kailo
  • kiosk and sauna open at the same hours as Moominworld (a fee is charged for use of the sauna)


  • at the foot of the cliffs at Kuparivuori (stairs down to the beach)
  • a small beach with quite deep water near the shore
  • not suitable for those with impaired mobility or inexperienced swimmers


  • located approx 2.5 km from the centre
  • beach volleyball court, reservations book, reservations made on site
  • possibility for swimming during the winter too

Swimming pools

Naantali Spa Hotel

  • refresh yourself in a variety of pools and saunas
  • poolside bar
  • fees and opening hours, see link

Raisio Swimming Centre Ulpukka

  • in the neighbouring city of Raisio
  • fees and opening hours, see link


Town of Naantali
P.B. 43


Street address: Käsityöläiskatu 2
Tel: +358 2 434 5111

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