What else to do?

Rich in natural beauty, Naantali has much more to offer in addition to the traditional sights and attractions.


The forests, parks and their playing fields are freely available for all to use for exercise and enjoyment. The Naantali region has many natural places for you to visit and explore. Nevertheless, everyone must remember to observe the Everyman’s rights.


There are both beaches and indoor pools for swimming. And furthermore there are opportunities to reserve courts for tennis or beach volleyball, or even indulge in a sport of fishing.


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photo©: vintola

Kuva: Anu Hirvonen 

Kuva: Anu Hirvonen

Town of Naantali
P.B. 43


Street address: Käsityöläiskatu 2
Tel: +358 2 434 5111

© Town of Naantali

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