Enjoy sport and exercise during your holiday


Naantali's outdoor courts are open during the summer. They are located at:

  • Church Park, with 2 clay courts
  • Kailo Island, with 2 clay courts

Playing times are booked at the Nunnalahti beach kiosk (tel. +358 2 533 2580). The keys to the courts are obtained after paying the fee at the kiosk. 

There is also an outdoor tennis court at the Naantali Spa Hotel area. For further information and bookings contact the Spa directly.


You can choose from two golf courses in the vicinity of Naantali: Aurinko Golf and Kultaranta Resort.

Jogging and athletics

All of the city's light traffic routes and park pathways can be used for jogging. Additionally, woodland running tracks ideally suited to jogging can be found at the Kuparivuori sports area and Suovuori exercise track.

Kuparivuori sports area

  • athletics field
  • 8-lane running track (all-weather surface, 400 m)
  • cross-country track (illuminated, 1350 m)
  • football pitch (grass surface 64 m x 105 m)

Suovuori exercise track

  • 4000 m, illuminated
  • in winter only for skiing

Teljentie playing field

  • gravel-surfaced ball field

Beach Volleyball

Naantali's beach volleyball courts are located at Taimo beach, and at Teljentie playing field and at the Naantali Spa Hotel. Courts can be booked for up to 1½ hours at a time. Reservation books at the courts.

Skiing and Tour Skating in winter

During the winter months the Suovuori exercise track is devoted exclusively to cross-country skiing. If necessary a snow cannon is used to maintain the track. The track is illuminated (map link)

If the sea ice is suitably thick, several kilometres of routes are ploughed for tour skating. Skiing or skating on sea ice should always be carried out with the utmost caution.


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