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Welcome to the web site of the fourth largest public port in Finland, measured by total tons.


The Port of Naantali is a public port in Finland, operating in two locations, in Kantasatama and in the island of Luonnonmaa. The main volumes come from liquid and dry bulk materials, as well as ferry goods. Naantali is the second largest Finish ferry terminal in terms of cargo traffic.


Today more than half of all trucks shipped between Finland and Sweden are carried through the Port of Naantali. There is one ro-pax route to Kapellskär operated by Finnlines and one ro-ro service to Långnäs provided by Lillgaard. To meet the requirements of growing ferry and unitized cargo traffic, the port made significant investments in its infrastructure, which include a new ro-ro pier with adjustable upper and below ramps and an adjacent handling area for trailers and vehicles.


The port offers an advanced storage infrastructure and various value-added services strategic for bulk goods operations. The storage capacity consists of 80,000 sqm in Kantasatama and 14,000 sqm in Luonnonmaa, which administrates also 11 tanks (5.000 cbm in total). In particular, the port is well suited to handle powder-type dry bulk materials like salt, soda and other products that require packing or repacking.


Other investments include the fairway, that has been deepened from 13 to 15.3 m to enable fully loaded aframax tankers to berth at the oil pier by the refinery. The island of Luonnonmaa hosts also a shipyard with the largest dry dock for repairs in Northern Europe and almost hundred ships visiting annually.


Naantali keeps searching for partners to establish new and strengthen existing routes with other ports, being particularly interested in lines to the southern Baltic. Moreover, the city of Naantali welcomes industrial enterprises to buy or rent industrial properties in the vicinity of the port.


Port of Naantali

Visiting address:

Satamatie 13

FI - 21100 Naantali

Der Hafen von Naantali

Dienstleistungen für Handel und Industrie


Der Hafen von Naantali steht mit seinem umfangreichen Leistungsangebot den Unternehmen im Hinterland sowie der umliegenden Industrie zur Verfügung. Nimmt man die Umschlagsmengen (in Tonnen) als Massstab, ist der Hafen von Naantali mit 8,5 Millionen Tonnen und jährlich 2176 abgefertigen Schiffen der drittgrösste öffentliche Hafen Finnlands. Hauptsächlich werden Flüssig- und Trockenbulk sowie Fährgüter umgeschlagen.


Naantali ist aufgrund seiner ausgezeichneten Lagergelegenheiten und vielfältiger Mehrwertleistungen ein bekannter Umschlagplatz für Schüttgut. In den vergangenen zehn Jahren hat sich Naantali zu einem der wichtigsten RoRo-Häfen Finnlands entwickelt.


  • Ausgezeichnete logistische Lage und Anschluss an die finnischen Autobahnen


  • Tiefe Fahrwege und problemlose Eisverhältnisse

  • Benachbarte Schwerindustrie macht den Hafen zu einem bedeutenden Zentrum für  den Umschlag von Massengütern


  • Viertgrößter kommunaler Hafen in Finnland gemessen am Güterumschlag


  • Zweitgrößter Hafen in Finnland für den Fährverkehr mit LKWs und Trailern     














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Port and Terminal handbook




The special traffic transport ways in Naantali harbour will be rearranged starting Monday, 18.8.2014. The new marked route (Järvenläntie) is shown on the map below, all other routes for the special traffic are closed.


The traffic ways on the Satamatie will be rearranged also between the Armonlaaksonkatu and Kopenkatu (KT40/ E18) due a construction project work in the area. This construction work of the street and water Service will be ready by 31.10.2014 in this area.





The port charges were verified by the Harbour Board on 12.11.2013 and they come in effect on 1.1.2014.







Managing director

Mr. Pasi Haarala

mobile +358  44 023 4644

firstname.lastname (a)


Port director

Mr. Yrjö Vainiala

mobile +358 50 4649 915

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Traffic Department

Traffic Manager

Mrs. Liisa Majuri

mobile +358 50 3390 579

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Executive and Communication Assistant 
Mrs. Tarja Siekkinen

mobile +358 50 4649 913

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Town of Naantali
P.B. 43


Street address: Käsityöläiskatu 2
Tel: +358 2 434 5111

© Town of Naantali

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